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Medical Air

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Medical Air is a specially purified and compressed form of air that meets strict quality standards for use in various medical applications. It is free from contaminants and moisture, making it a reliable source of breathable air for patients in healthcare facilities, ensuring optimal respiratory support during procedures and treatments.

Medical Air has a range of important applications in the healthcare industry, including:

  • Respiratory Support: Medical Air is used for providing supplemental oxygen to patients with respiratory conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, or pneumonia, to help improve oxygenation and breathing.
  • Ventilation Support: Medical Air is utilized in mechanical ventilation systems to deliver a controlled mixture of oxygen and air to patients who are unable to breathe adequately on their own.
  • Anesthesia Administration: Medical Air is employed in anesthesia delivery systems to dilute and control the concentration of inhaled anesthetic agents, ensuring safe and effective sedation during surgical procedures.
  • Medical Instrumentation: Medical Air is used in various medical instruments, such as nebulizers, humidifiers, and aerosol therapy devices, to facilitate the delivery of medications or moisture to the respiratory system.
  • Wound Care: Medical Air is utilized in wound care management, particularly in negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) systems, where controlled air pressure helps promote healing and facilitates the removal of excess fluid from the wound site.
  • Medical Research: Medical Air is often utilized in laboratory research settings for cell culture, incubation, and other experimental procedures that require a sterile and controlled air environment.
  • In all these applications, the use of Medical Air ensures a safe, reliable, and consistent supply of breathable air to support patient care and medical procedures.


Material Safety Data Sheet

Refer to IOL Material Safety Data Sheet for further information on product handling, storage and usage.


Non-flammable, Compressed at high pressure.


Medical Air (O2 range 19.5 % to 23.5%)
Breathing Air (O2 range 20.0 % to 22.5%)
Zero Air (O2 range 19.5 % to 23.5%)

Supply Options

Compressed in cylinder capacities 1m3to 10m3
In-cylinder racks – 1×16, 1×30,1×60

Manufacturing Method

Natural Air is compressed in cylinders by compressors / produced artificially by mixing gaseous Oxygen & Nitrogen to the required proportions.