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Ensuring Safety and Environmental Responsibility

At Ibrahim Oxygen, we prioritize safety and environmental consciousness by obtaining accreditation in Occupational Health and Occupational Safety Standards (OHSAS 18001) and Environmental Standards (ISO 14001). As pioneers in Bangladesh, we strive to foster a culture of safety and sustainability within our organization.

Personnel Safety

Accidents and injuries are preventable, and at Ibrahim Oxygen, we continuously analyze contributing factors to accidents, utilizing the findings to implement effective policies and practices to ensure the safety of our employees, customers, contractors, and communities.

Distribution Safety

We employ a range of transport methods, including pipelines, cylinders, tube trailers, ISO tanks, and cryogenic semi-trailers, to supply our products nationwide. Our well-trained drivers maintain high levels of alertness and safety awareness to achieve our goal of Zero Accidents while meeting delivery deadlines.

Process Safety

Process safety is paramount to us, and we take proactive measures to identify potential hazards and prevent production stoppages, fires, explosions, and environmental damage. Near misses are thoroughly analyzed, and appropriate corrective actions are taken to prevent future occurrences.

Product Safety

Throughout the entire lifecycle of our products, from manufacture to disposal, we meticulously address and mitigate risks associated with their use. Our strict adherence to regulations, standards, and procedures ensures product quality and safety.