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Additional Gases(19)

Ibrahim Oxygen provides a range of specialty and other gases to cater to diverse applications across different sectors. From calibration gases for precision instruments to specialty gases for research and development purposes, we offer reliable solutions to meet the specific requirements of our customers, ensuring exceptional performance and results.

Dosimetry & Leaser(11)

Dosimetry: Dosimetry is a vital technique used in radiation therapy and occupational radiation monitoring to measure the radiation dose absorbed by individuals. At Ibrahim Oxygen, we offer reliable and accurate dosimetry solutions, including dosimeters and monitoring devices, to ensure the safety and precise measurement of radiation exposure. Laser Technology: Laser technology plays a significant role…

Immobilization Device(18)

Immobilization Devices Immobilization devices are essential tools used in healthcare settings to restrict movement and stabilize body parts during medical procedures or treatments. These devices provide support, maintain proper alignment, and minimize motion, ensuring accurate positioning and optimal patient comfort. At Ibrahim Oxygen, we offer a range of high-quality immobilization devices designed to meet the…

Industrial Gases(6)

Ibrahim Oxygen offers a wide selection of industrial gases tailored to meet the needs of various industries, including manufacturing, construction, and engineering. Our high-quality industrial gases are vital for processes such as welding, cutting, heating, and powering equipment, enabling businesses to achieve optimal performance and productivity.

Medical Equipment(29)

Medical equipment encompasses a wide range of devices and instruments used in healthcare for diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. Ibrahim Oxygen provides high-quality medical equipment to healthcare providers, ensuring reliable and innovative solutions for accurate diagnoses and effective patient care.

Medical Air

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Medical Carbon Dioxide

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Medical Mixed Gases

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Medical Nitrogen

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Medical Nitrous Oxide

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Medical Oxygen

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