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Medical Oxygen

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Ibrahim Oxygen offers high-quality medical oxygen, a critical component in healthcare, for patients in need of respiratory support. Our medical oxygen is produced, stored, and delivered with strict adherence to safety standards, ensuring its purity and effectiveness in various medical settings, including hospitals, clinics, and emergency services.

Medical Oxygen finds wide application across various healthcare scenarios, including:

  • Resuscitation of patients experiencing cardiac arrest or respiratory failure.
  • Treatment of respiratory distress syndrome in newborns, ensuring adequate oxygen supply.
  • Management of hypoxia and hypoxemia, ensuring proper oxygenation of tissues.
  • Maintenance of tissue oxygenation during anesthesia for surgical procedures.
  • Treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning by displacing the harmful gas and restoring oxygen levels.
  • Aviation, where medical oxygen is crucial for in-flight emergency situations and altitude-related challenges.
  • Life support, providing essential oxygen to patients with compromised respiratory function.


Material Safety Data Sheet

Refer to IOL Material Safety Data Sheet for further information on product handling, storage, and usage.


Colorless, Odorless, Test less


Medical/Aviation Breathing Oxygen ≥ 99.97%