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Dissolved Acetylene Gas

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Dissolved Acetylene Gas, provided by Ibrahim Oxygen, is a versatile industrial gas widely used in various applications. It is a colorless and highly flammable gas that is dissolved in a solvent, usually acetone, for safe storage and transportation. Dissolved Acetylene Gas is valued for its high heat release during combustion and is used in processes such as metal cutting, welding, and brazing. With a commitment to safety and quality, Ibrahim Oxygen offers a reliable supply of Dissolved Acetylene Gas to meet the specific requirements of different industries.


Applications/Usages of Dissolved Acetylene Gas:

  • Metal Cutting and Welding: Dissolved Acetylene Gas is widely used in metal cutting and welding processes. When combined with oxygen, it produces a high-temperature flame that can cut through metals, making it suitable for applications in fabrication shops, construction, and automotive repair.
  • Brazing and Soldering: Acetylene gas is commonly used in brazing and soldering operations, where it provides a high-intensity flame with precise control. It allows for the joining of metal parts by melting a filler metal that flows into the joint.
  • Flame Heating: Dissolved Acetylene Gas is used for flame heating applications, such as heating metal surfaces for shaping or bending. The high-temperature flame produced by acetylene can provide localized heating for various industrial processes.
  • Chemical Synthesis: Acetylene gas serves as a building block for the production of various chemicals and organic compounds. It is used in the synthesis of plastics, solvents, pharmaceuticals, and other specialty chemicals.
  • Lighting: Historically, Acetylene Gas was used in carbide lamps for portable lighting. While its usage for lighting has diminished over time, it still finds some applications in specialized lighting, such as underwater illumination and theatrical productions.
  • Portable Power: Dissolved Acetylene Gas, when combined with oxygen, can be used as a fuel source for portable gas welding and cutting torches. It provides a compact and convenient source of heat for applications in remote locations or areas without electricity.
  • Chemical Analysis: Acetylene gas is utilized in certain analytical techniques, such as flame atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), where it serves as a fuel for the flame used in the analysis of metal ions.

It is important to handle and store Dissolved Acetylene Gas with proper safety measures due to its flammable nature. Ibrahim Oxygen ensures the reliable supply of high-quality Dissolved Acetylene Gas for various industrial applications, adhering to strict safety standards.


Material Safety Data Sheet

Refer to IOL Material Safety Data Sheet for further information on product handling, storage, and usage.


Gaseous hydrocarbon, colorless and unstable


Industrial ≥ 98.0%
Atomic Adsorption (AA) ≥ 99.6%

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Compressed in-cylinder capacities 1Kgto 7Kg
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